Model RF 2.3 - Self Powered Machine



Self-powered machine designed to keep the food near the cow and mix it while cleaning the feeding lane. While brushing, it mixes the food allowing it to have a uniform humidity level. When the farmer use the motor-brush, its use induce the cow to eat new food increasing its productivity. It has an hydraulic movement transmission to act the 5 frontal reels (complete of brushes), hydrostatic advancement operated by a treadle (to have the required working speed) and hydraulic steering system with “load sensing” to have optimum maneuverability. All its functions are driven from the central driving seat.

  • Working width 2.30 m
  • Minimum transport width 2.30 m
  • Wheels 16×6.50-8
  • Rear wheels 20×10.00-8
  • Engine Diesel engine Yanmar L100 with one cylinder – 406 cm3 – 7.36 kW (9.87 CV) – with electric starting (with hand self winding starting for emergency cases)
  • Weight 620 kg
  • Turning Radius 1.70 m

  • Lateral rotating brush hydraulic lifting
  • 5 cleaning brushes
  • Light system
  • Additional lateral rotating brush for the cleaning of the feeding through
  • Reels or lateral rotating brush speed regulation valve

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