- Model RF - Rigid-Tine Rotary Cultivator



The StruikRFrigid-tine rotary cultivator can be used as either a full-field or row cultivator. The full-field configuration is prefect for planting bed preparation for potatoes. It is also suitable for ridging soil for carrots, endive, chicory or flower bulbs and for preparing beds in which other crops can be planted or sowed. As a row cultivator, theRFis the ideal machine for creating perfect rounded or flat ridges with a large volume. The stainless steel ridge formers create voluminous, firm, identically shaped ridges. Utilizing ridge formers makes it possible to drive over lighter soil types more quickly.

As a leading specialist manufacturer of cultivation equipment, Struik builds cultivators in many different sizes. TheRFis available in sizes ranging from 2x75 cm to 8x90 cm. If desired, machines can even be built to customer specifications in any intermediate or special sizes.

The Struik rigid-tine rotary cultivator has a solid construction and is made with durable materials. The practical benefits? Trouble-free operation, optimal soil crumbling, voluminous ridges, low power requirements, many available options.

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