- Model Type RFF - Front Cultivator



This cultivator has been specially designed for use in the front of the tractor to allow full-field cultivation and planting/sowing in a single pass. This saves both labour hours and fuel. Options include linkage elements for attachment to the rear of the tractor.

The major advantage of the front cultivator over a rotary harrow is that no large clods are left in the ridges and the planting bed is not driven over once it has been prepared.

The cemented carbide tines are positioned to cause the least amount of smear possible; this is important because the soil is often still quite moist. Standard equipment on the RFF includes rubber upper plates, cemented carbide tines and a three-speed gearbox for adjustment of the rotor speed to match the soil conditions. The front cultivator can be attached to either the front or rear of the tractor and is suitable for preparing both sowing and planting beds.

With its special rotor diameter, carefully considered tine positioning and ideal rotor speed, the Struik front cultivator provides perfect cultivation with modest power requirements.

The crumbling roller ensures the soil is spread evenly and the cultivator remains stable. The tubing is welded to the roller in a V-shape, which makes it easy to keep the cultivator on track. The crumbling roller is available as an option.

The equalization bar with the hardened tines is designed to break and divide the large, coarse clods. The equalization bar is available as an option.

The front cultivator can be delivered with three different hoods:

  1. A ridging hood to create ridges immediately after cultivating.
  2. A land leveller plate to equalize the cultivated soil again.
  3. A land leveller plate with removable tines.

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