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Model RH K, RH S - Receiving Hoppers



Receiving Hoppers RH K, RH S for intake of potatoes, onions, carrots etc from trucks and trailers. RH 12K and RH 12S receiving hoppers are primarily designed for use with side-tipping trucks and trailers, but may also be used with rear-tipping vehicles. The RH 12K starts flat and then slopes. The flat section can be matched to individual requirements. The RH 12S consists of a number of sloping sections joined to one another. The number of sections can be adapted to meet individual requirements.

The RH 5K is a shorter hopper designed for applications where capacity requirements are smaller. Intake is normally from an overhead BT box turner mounted on a traveller to ensure optimum filling. Where only rear-tipping vehicles are to be used, please see separate data sheet for RH 2000 and RH 2700 hoppers.

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