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Model RH1/RL1 SERIES - Electronic Ballasts


AC Source - 99~264V 50/60Hz, RH1-425-75U, Lamp Types. GPH1148T5 GPH1554T5 GPH1630T5 TUV64T5, RL1-425-2/40U, Lamp Types :GPH1148T5 GPH1554T5 GPH1630T5 TUV64T5 G48T5L G64T5L, G67T5L GPH436T5 GPH793T5 GPH843T5 TUV36T5 TUVPL-L36W.

Line Voltage: 230V AC                                          Ambient Temjperature: -20~40℃

AC Source: 198-242V                                            Max.Case Temp: 70℃

Input Frequency: 50/60Hz                                     Input Line Length: 430mm

Operating Frequency: 28-50KHz                            Output Line Length: 630mm

Max. Output Voltage: 600VRMS                             Signal Line Length: 630mm

Efficiency: ≥90%                                                  Protection Degree: IP64

Starting: Instant                                                   Approval:

Ballast Case Size: 215 x 44 x 26mm
Ballast Weight: 0.36kg
Case Size: 400 x 270 x 170mm
Case Quantity: 40pcs
Case Weight: 15.50kg

Status Indication: Isolation 5V DC Output For Lamp Normal Working Status,And It Can Work As LED Dirver.Wire Gauge: 18AWG Mounting Restrictions: Disconnect Input Power Before Installing or Servicing.Ballast Case Must Be Grounded.Don’t Short any two wires of the four output.The Farthest Distance 5 Meter Between Ballast And Lamp.

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