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Methionine is an essential amino acid for all animals, but they do not produce it themselves, meaning they have to get it from their feed. The methionine content of natural ingredients is generally low, so to meet the animals’ requirements, additional methionine must be provided in their feed as a nutritional feed additive. Methionine deficiency in animals can cause muscle atrophy, slow growth, decreased bone strength, and fatty liver.

Adisseo is a major player on the methionine market, and seeks to fully meet all customers’ needs by offering two different methionine products – one liquid, the other solid:

  • Rhodimet® AT88, a concentrated liquid source of hydroxy- methionine that is particularly well suited to large and medium-sized modern feed millers and integrators.
  • Rhodimet® NP99, a powder source of DL-Methionine for use in premixes, minerals and some compound feeds.

Methionine is the first limiting amino acid for protein synthesis in poultry. It should be provided in feed to ensure optimum poultry performance at a competitive cost.Various studies have clearly demonstrated that Rhodimet® AT88 is equivalent to other sources of methionine to promote poultry performance.

Underestimating the importance of methionine in pig nutrition can have a huge economic impact, and the choice of Rhodimet® AT88 as a source of methionine could benefit performance.After lysine and threonine, total sulfur amino acid (TSAA) requirements in pigs are the most important. They should be valued for effect on growth and production. Research also points to the beneficial effects of Rhodimet® AT88 on lactation, weaning stress and digestibility when provided “on-top” in the feed for lactating sows and suckling piglets.

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