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For over thirty years the Retificio Ribola is present in the aquaculture sector with the production and packaging of cages for fish farming, anti-bird nets, barriers and fishing accessories. The ability of manufacturing knotless nets, based on the needs of the customer, together with the long tradition of packaging of nets, has allowed the development of various services in the field of aquaculture. In particular, the following services are provided:


Netting options supplied by the square foot

You can order a variety of different netting options by the square-footage, which allows for customization of dimensions and sizing features to meet your particular needs. Each netting product has a unique set of features and characteristics, providing you with several possibilities and solutions (machine-sewn or hand stitched nets).

Semi-finished products

According to the different requests, it is possible to buy cages, anti-bird nets, or nets for other semi-finished applications. The Retificio Ribola offers you the possibility to customize your net starting from the seam, the welding, the fitting and equipped with accessories. We produce also semi-worked packaging.


This is about the complete realization of cages, anti-bird nets, barriers, stanchions, and nets for the most different applications, which are delivered to the customer ready for laying. We produce nets following any extra detail required by the customer.

The nets are manufactured knotless, with Rachel looms. The Retificio Ribola has more than 15 looms able to satisfy the most varied requirements of the customers. Each net is woven to meet the different applications, in nylon or polyethylene or with a combination of nylon and polyethylene yarns and in the most recent fibers provided by the aquaculture market. Combinations of yarns are also analyzed in order to meet the needs of the customer; in this way he has a consulting service in the manufacturing phase and the possibility to choose among a wide range of nets depending on his needs. All nets are subjected to the process of glass-fixing which prevents the subsequent deformation of the mesh and, if required, we can dye them.

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