- Model R-10 - Silo Hose

The R-10 Richiger Silo Hose cereal is an easy-to-use machine for storing up to 600 tons of grain per hour in 10 feet Silo Hose, 10 tons per minute. This allows large transfer trailers unloaded without delay into the machine.The grain is pressed by a screw with a diameter of 500mm in the silo hose. It is filled with the transfer vehicle.The filled grain pushes forward with the R-10 to subtract the silo hose. In order to achieve the inflation pressure, the machine is slowed with a hydraulic brake.The silo hose is lifted by crane onto a rack on the machine up.The silo hoses can have a length of 60-150 meters. This corresponds to a capacity of 300-750 tons of wheat.

  • Capacity: 600 tons / h
  • Drive:. 80 hp, 540 PTO, hydraulic valve 1 dw
  • Tire Size: 10.5 / 65 R16
  • Weight: 1800 kg
  • Length 3760mm
  • Width: 3850mm
  • Height: (transportation 3000mm) (3860mm working position)
  • Funnel: Length 3150mm, width 2020mm
  • Auger: 500mm diameter

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