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Model R950M - Single Roller Mill Bagger



These machines offer the possibility of ensiling moist grain by crimping the grain and storing it in a bag, all done in one single movement. Besides being a uniquely palatable and digestible concentrate that preserves the grain’s original nutrients, fermented grain (e.g., corn, barley, sorghum, wheat, etc) keeps exceptionally well in bags because the anaerobic environment is steadier and far more thorough than that achieved in trench or bunker silos. There are quite a few other advantages in ensiling grain for feed. For example, grain is harvested weeks before full maturity (which preserves nutrient values at their peak), harvest is easier to arrange with combines more readily available before full harvest season sets in, and the cost of drying the grain is avoided.

The machine lineup includes both 9 ft. and 6 ft. models for different scale productions. All the baggers are equipped with similar roller mill units, with the difference that the “M” series are fitted with a single unit that processes 40 tons of grain per hour, and the “MX” series are fitted with twin units that process 80 tons per hour. All models feature hollow core rollers that are encased by case hardened replaceable sleeves for long service life.

The roller action can be denominated as crimping or rolling, depending on whether the grain to be processed is correspondingly moist or dry. Although Richiger’s roller mill baggers are primarily designed for crimping moist grain, they can be used to roll and bag dry grain as well. It is also important to know that these baggers can be used in the same way as conventional dry grain baggers (i.e., to bag whole grain). When used in this way, the roller mill drive is disengaged and flaps are deployed that allow the grain free passage through the mill enclosure for fast bagging action.

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