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Model TA300 - Truck Transfer Auger



The truck transfer auger integrates with all Richiger baggers to move grain from dump trucks, hopper trailers, and gravity discharge carts, directly into bags with no intermediary steps and resultant loss of time. The transfer auger requires a 120 HP tractor with hydraulics, and can convey some 280 tons of grain per hour. It is mounted as a permanent fixture on the bagger because it does not obstruct normal passage of grain through the hopper, so the bagger can still work – even simultaneously – with a standard grain cart. The TA300 auger folds easily and quickly for transportation to different bagging sites. The truck transfer auger can be used with moist crimped grain as well as with whole dry grain.hoses can have a length of 60-100 meters. This corresponds to a capacity of 200-330 tons of wheat.

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