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Model EA150R - Grain Unloader



This is an unloader unique in its conception and based on the EA910 model. It is fitted with a front-end rotating paddle that enables it to discharge paddy rice from a bag. Paddy rice is well suited for bagging as it is the quickest way of storing rice during harvest, but emptying the bag afterwards is problematical because the individual grains cling to each other and pack tightly inside the bag. The paddle device forcibly crumbles the mass of rice and allows it to flow and be picked up by EA-910’s sweep augers and pusher vanes. In this way EA150R achieves a very respectable unloading rate of 120 tons per hour. It can also be used with all other dry grains stored in bags, in this case attaining the discharge rate of a standard EA910 of between 300 and 350 metric tons/hour.

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