Wheat-Belt Industries

- Model EA-350 & EA-910 - Grain Bag Unloader

The grain bag unloader is not only cost effective, it’s the easiest, quickest and most efficient method yet devised to transfer grain from the bag to the grain truck. With a massive work capacity, the grain bag unloader can remove up to 300 tons per hour from the grain bag (tonnage per hour may vary according to the type and condition of the grain). The grain bag unloaders are simple to operate and require only a single operator to do everything from set-up to loading grain trucks. The controls are contained within the bag unloader structure so levers are at your fingertips. Height regulation is simple with the lift mechanism hydraulically controlled. The three spool flow control valve selects the hydraulic circuit required.

The grain bag unloader is easy to move from bag to bag or from field to field. The unit features an easy-to-use self-trailering system where the machine converts from working configuration to trailering congifuration by the manipulation of a few simple mechanisms.

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