Machinefabriek Steketee BV

Ridger with Bed Former



The Steketee ridger machine consists of a frame mounted with 5 sets of cultivation tine elements. These cultivator tine elements consist of 3 elements with 2 cultivator tines and 2 end elements with 1 cultivator tine each. A adjustable shank with 8 cm bit is mounted standard for the cultivator tines. The ridge shape hood eventually ensures a perfect build-up of the ridge; the ridge shape hood is vertically and horizontally adjustable. As the hood can be lifted up, the ridger can work when the potatoes have already been inserted in the ridge.

A ridger knife can be mounted between the breaker tines and the ridge shape hood in order to pre-shape the ridge. Two continuously adjustable furrow wheels ensure a stable and uniform operation.

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