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Rigid Axles



From 500 kg to 30 tonnes, the widest range of EC approved axles, with agricultural and industrial brakes.

Tubular body, Black Bull range
Ensuring journey speed, flexible use, duration and reduced maintenance is the basic goal behind the development of the new Black Bull trailer axle series. The axle body weight is reduced by 50%, and its hallow profile is made up of high-yield steel, ideal for both industrial and agricultural use.

The spindle has been designed to ensure a perfect jointing with the axle body and to optimize welding, with no stress discontinuity, an excellent weight-resistance ratio and a homogeneous behaviour in all working conditions. It fits the standard equipment of industrial vehicles and this further enhances its versatility of use. For this reason Black Bull is a universal product: for agricultural machines, public works vehicles and special vehicles. It has a wide range of carrying capacities, a service speed suitable also for high-ways, and spare parts of easy availability in the automotive field.

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