Rigid Discharge Electrodes


Wire (straight or spring) discharge electrode systems can offer very reliable service for many years, but wires eventually fail. Broken wires mean shorted fields and reduced ESP performance. To achieve the highest reliability and extended plant runs, many operators are switching to rigid discharge electrodes (RDEs). Most new precipitators come with RDEs as standard equipment. At BHA, we design and manufacture our own line of reliable and versatile RDEs, with a wide variety of available emitter pin spacings and configurations, including staggered, opposed and V-pin styles.


V-Pin rigid electrodes from BHA provide aggressive corona generation in heavy dust concentration environments. The pins are precision welded along the tough central mast to provide long life, excellent electrical characteristics, and very effective particle charging. V-Pin electrodes are often used in inlet fields, with opposed pin designs used in the center and outlet fields. BHA?s engineers will help you determine which type of electrode is best for your ESP and process conditions.


Computer-controlled fixtures and pin welding equipment give you the highest quality welds, stud alignment, and spacing.


Design Customization = Best Perfomance

When you order RDEs from TAPC, you don?t get an off-the-shelf product. Each of our RDEs is designed to perform in the field for which it is intended. Dusty inlet fields might work best with opposed pin or V-pin electrodes, while the finer particles in the outlet field need the stable, high current flow from staggered pins. Don?t settle for a ?one size fits all? approach. Consult TAPC to find out what pin design is right for your particular needs.


Features and Benefits

  • Longer life. The RDE-1 lasts much longer than weighted wire or frame-mounted wires, making them the replacement DE of choice.
  • Superior corona generation. The RDE-1 emits corona over a wider area than roll-formed DEs.
  • Seamless tubing and drawn-arc welded pins ensure longer life and reliability. Stainless-steel or copper-coated pins are the highest quality made.
  • Custom designs are available to ensure that each field of your ESP receives the correct pin spacing for that field, optimizing voltage/current use.
  • Stiffness and stability give the best response to rapping. The RDE-1 stays cleaner longer than other designs.

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