- Aerator - Fiona Seeder


The Ritchie-Fiona aerator-seeder combination has been created specifically for the vast grassland improvement needs within Romanian agriculture. The Ritchie grassland aerator is designed to remove soil compaction mainly caused by grazing animals in the top 50-150mm of the soil profile. A pasture has to contain productive plant species. A low-cost alternative to ploughing and reseeding is to over-seed pastures. The aerator-seeder combination enables aeration and over-seeding to be done as one single, low-cost operation. The Ritchie-Fiona aerator-seeder combination is available in widths of 2.50m and 3.00m weighing around 530kg and 625kg respectively. The seed hopper capacity is 88 or 105 litres and the seeder is fitted with 21 or 25 seed outlets (the seed tubes are not yet fitted to the combination in the photograph).

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