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- Model 300 Series - Livestock Waterers


Patented water seal top cover shields hardware from weather and animals. Polyurethane insulation sealed inside polyethylene parts. Float and valve easily removed for service Time tested float and valve - fast response with no 'hammer' effect. Fast recovery valve supplies 16.5 gal. per minute at 60 psi.* For lower water pressure, see chart below, larger orifice available. Optional drop-in heater and supply line cable heater available. Corrosion proof, rodent proof.


Water More Livestock with the NEW Ritchie 300

Same uni-body design as the popular WaterMatic and equipped with a 3/4' valve for higher output and maximum watering efficiency.

More Water - All The Time

  • One-piece impact resistant polyethylene construction and insulated for exclusive Ritchie durability.
  • Two troughs service two pens, 3.3 gallons each
  • Easy to clean. Two 3' drain plugs and a sloped trough bottom for fast cleaning.
  • Optional electric immersion heater and self-regulating heat cable available.
  • Equipped with easy seal rubber plugs that conform to the drainage hole to ensure no leakage.
  • Finger-lift cover provides easy access without any tools.
  • Meets Grade A dairy requirements.
  • Suitable for large and small animals.

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