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- Gravity Grain Boxes


Seamless dependability with RJ Gravity Grain Boxes.Moving grains to beans to fertilizers, rely on RJ for years of efficient, dependable service.Spend more time harvesting and less time unloading with RJ’s fast-pour hopper design and seamless hi-slip graphite finish.

With all-welded steel body construction, seamless RJ Grain Boxes minimize rust traps to last longer. Get true value with true capacity ratings in RJ quality-built boxes sized from 400 to 725 bushels.

Fast unloading

Our steep-sloped sides let crops and materials slide out quickly in all box sizes; our high-slip graphite finish ensures clean, snag-free unloading - no need for messy sealants.

Safe roading

Quality construction keeps your wagon rolling true on trusted Horst running gear. Add complete light packages to ensure bright visibility and a safe return on late night deliveries.


The industry-preferred RJ rack & pinion grain door mechanism allows reliable, effortless operation every time. The built-in air pocket design prevents awkward seals and jams from forming at the door.

Standard Features:

  • Seamless fully welded box interior
  • Standard 12 ga steel body (all sizes)
  • High-strength 8” steel sills (RJ700 also features steel tubing sills)
  • Unloading gate 27” x 27” x 3/16”
  • Rack & pinion gate operation; inside “mini-door” eases opening
  • Tapered drop chute
  • Spring-loaded gate lock
  • Steel ladders, front and back
  • Convenient 6” X 12” glass sight windows supplied as standard
  • Hi-slip graphite paint (box interior)

Optional Features:

  • 10 ga steel body construction
  • Roll tarp assembly package (locks & crank included)
  • MOT-compliant trailer light package*
  • Tarp hold-down bracket
  • Mini-door for easier opening
  • Interior box divider to create two compartments

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