- Model 173-22058 - Stainless Steel Plate Cooler



The Coburn All Stainless Steel Plate Cooler is a low-maintenance, efficient tool for dairy farms.

Proper use and maintenance of a Plate Cooler will:

  1. Provide better quality milk through rapid cooling.
  2. Save on energy and expense through shorter run time on compressor.
  3. Extend compressor life because of shorter daily run time.
  4. Supply warm water for hot water tank, stock tanks, and cleaning.

The end plates of Coburn Single and Dual Pass Plate Coolers are made of type 316 stainless steel. All water and milk inlets and outlets are solidly welded and are also made of type 316 stainless steel. Cooling plates are made of type 316 stainless steel. Gaskets are made of nitrile rubber and are attached to the plates with an FDA-approved adhesive. Mounting brackets and connecting bolts are made of stainless steel.

The Plate Cooler should be mounted in the milkhouse after the milk filters in a place with easy access for maintenance, water connection and milk line connection. A bracket is provided for mounting the unit on the wall or the ceiling. The unit should always be mounted in a position that guarantees proper drainage. When installing the Cooler in a horizontal configuration, it should be positioned so the milk inlet is on the bottom edge of the Cooler. The mounting bracket should be shimmed to allow the milk to drain back to the milk inlet. A short section of stainless steel with ferrules should be mounted in the discharge pipes to allow easy disconnection for cleaning. (See illustration below.) After mounting, the unit should be connected to the milk line with clamp-type fittings and clamps.
The Plate Coolers are assembled and tested for leaks up to 60 PSI water pressure. However, units sometimes loosen in transit, requiring tightening. They also will need to be tightened after manual cleaning.

The correct measurement of the distance between the two heavy end plates (inside measurement) should equal the number of cooling plates times 3mm (.118 inch.) Before tightening the Cooler beyond this recommendation, check to make sure the milk is flowing at the proper flow rate free of any obstructions which could restrict the water flow rate.

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