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Model RKx - Sweep Tillers



The basic design of the RKx and RKxP models (flexibly mounted shores) is comprised of a solid or hydraulically operated frame, equipped with two rows of divided arrow shoes with the centre span of 43 cm, single row of smoothing discs and supporting and clod-breaking bar roller – spiral, spike or other roller can be substituted. The working depth is 8 – 15 cm. The pins of the flexible unit are mounted in replaceable housings and are equipped with a grease port. The flexible suspension system enables a gradual adjustment of the shoe working angle.

All designs of the sweep tillers or the harrows (RKx, RKLx, RKLLx) with the working with of 3.5 - 6 m are available in three design modifications according to the shape of the main frame:

  1. H frame – hydraulically operated, three-part, supported
  2. U frame – hydraulically operated, two-part, supported
  3. UP frame – hydraulically operated, two-part, semi-supported

Working width of 9 – 12 m is achieved by the G frame, on which the individual parts of the tools are suspended with a standard three-point suspension.

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