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Model RLP - Front Mounted Packer Roller



The RLP is Quivogne’s front mounted solution for soil preparation, even in difficult conditions. Why use front-end weights when you can use an RLP? The fact is if you want to save diesel and spare your rear mounted implements the RLP is the answer. Its design and the large selection of cast-iron elements provide the ideal adaptability necessary to suit your land, your implements, and to obtain the results that you’re looking for. By choosing an RLP the results when carrying out minimum tillage can be improved.

The QUIVOGNE front mounted tined packer roller is the ultimate solution for breaking up clods. The front mounted harrow for difficult conditions is made up by two rows of tines, (32X10) with depth control that is independent of the packer roller (optional: 32X12 tines). The packer roller frame has an extra thick single beam 150X100 for the rigid RLPs. The frame for the folding RLP’s is twin beam 100x100. The steering front three point linkage has a very strong mast on which the packer frame can pivot both horizontally and vertically. The RLP‘s self-steering system allows movement in all directions. Three types of cast iron roller segments are available: Cambridge, notched, Cambridge , heavy Crosskill and there is one version with a solid square (40mm) coil with a diameter of 490 mm. Shaft diameter is 70mm supported by 2 bearing housings for the 3,00m model. (2 outer). Shaft diameter is 70mm supported by 4 bearing housings for the 4,00m model. (2 outer and 2 central aligned with the tractor wheels). The bearing housings contain sealed self-aligning bearings capable of taking a 5500 kg dynamic load per bearing housing. Marker boards. The RLP can be equipped with a levelling board (Rollmot Crosboard) as an option in place of the harrow tines

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