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Form, Fill & Seal machines use a flat roll of film with pre-designed & applied artwork. The Form Fill & Seal machine will Form the flat roll into a bag & then fill it with the desired product. Once Filled the bag is then sealed ready for the next stage in the packaging line.


We are pleased to offer you the innovative Bi Bag - multiple packing system. Until now, packing two products/components in a single bag that rapidly loose their properties when in contact with each other was a problem. PKT have designed a 'bi-bag' which comes from a single reel of film and can be filled with two different products.

This unique system can be used to pack products from a variety of industries, including the following:

Building Double-compartment bags are most widely used in the building industry. More specifically, these bags are used for packing moist sand on one side and a lime-concrete mixture on the other. The bi-bag packaging technology can be used for many other applications, especially where coloured pigments need to be packed together, but kept separate from quartz and sand.

Horticultural In the Horticultural industry, the bi-bag technology is particularly suitable for hobby users, with several applications: soil + Fertilizers, Soil + seeds, Fertilizers + seeds. It is especially useful for packing plant pot fillers made up of a bottom layer of pumice stone or sand for drainage and a top layer of soil.

Pet The bi-bag system can really make a difference for companies operating in the premium packaging sector. This type of solution offers endless technical advantages, in addition to being a winning marketing tool in the market segment where end customers are constantly looking for innovative products. Companies that are able to see two different types of food or litter and dry pet food packaged.

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