- Road Side Sprayer


Ag Shield’s solid shield covers on our Road Side Sprayers ensure that you only control the grass where you want to. The slopes keep their cover so they don’t erode in heavy runoff conditions. This excellent drift control also keeps chemical off nearby crops allowing you to spray at any time throughout the summer. You can even add a second pump and tank system so you only spray for broadleaves down the shoulder and leave the grass grow down the shoulder for erosion control. Ag Shield can supply a basic boom setup to mount on a current spray rig.  If don’t have a spray rig, Ag Shield can supply complete truck mount sprayers (which let you get to the far corner and back quickly). If you prefer a tractor mounted unt, that is also an option.

ROAD SURFACE: Built up Roads

No sod on road surface

  • Reclaim clean gravel without sod from road side allowing the grader to redistribute gravel over the road surface
  • Eliminates dangerous sod rolls on the roadside
  • No need to cut sod from the road side that creates secondary ditches
  • Water drains evenly & quickly without erosion

Recover last year’s gravel and pay for less this year

ROAD SURFACE:  Grade Level Roads

The cost to maintain grade level or secondary roads is greatly reduced

  • No need for an expensive grader pass to control vegetation
  • Spraying doesn’t lower the road elevation
  • Don’t add new road edge sod rolls, spray and spread the old sod rolls


Safer roads with better visibility of animals entering the roadway

  • Stop the spread and seed production from (noxious) weeds

Eliminate weed multiplication areas along road sides

  • Season long vegetation control for half the cost of 1 late season mower pass


Safer roads with better visibility of oncoming traffic and road signs

  • Open driver sight lines all the way to the roadway edge
  • Eliminate brush regrowth in front of signs

Reduce maintenance costs

  • Spray trees before expensive brush mowers are required
  • Winter plowing
  • Spray stumps after mowing and stop fast regrowth

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