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Roasters (Coockers)


Roasters are intended for moist and heat treatment of crushed seeds of oil plants before pressing. Roasters are intended for operation inside roofed industrial premises; they are an integral part of pressing plants equipment producing vegetable oils. Roasters are vertical columns consisting of one or several sections (pans), which walls are heated with vapour. For mixing and moving of the processed raw stuff the unit is equipped with blade mixers rotated by the joint shaft. To control the level of the crushed seeds in pans under continuous operation, roasters are equipped with control valves.

On request the temperature of discharged crushed seeds can be adjusted both manually and by means of the automatic control system. To remove gaseous products releasing in operation, the pans are equipped with aspiration fittings joined in the common pipe (air pipe). Depending on the consumer's demands we can manufacture roasters of various types and design. Various assembling of roasters is possible (with steam communication or without it) as well as spare parts manufacturing.

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