Rhino Buckets and Attachments

Rock Bucket

The most rugged and robust projects require powerful and dependable attachments to endure challenging conditions and beyond. The Rhino Buckets Rock Bucket is built for an extreme environment with a wear package incomparable to any other.  The Rhino Rock Bucket is heavily armored and extremely durable, built to withstand the Australian climate.

  • Lip and side bars: Manufactured from BIZ 80
  • Extra side wear plates
  • Side wear plates
  • Vertical heel strips
  • Horizontal wear strips (BIZ 400)
  • Weld on heel blocks
  • Weld-on or pin-on lip shrouds
  • Pin on wing shrouds
  •  Dual radius profile

  • Dual Radius profile allowing a better fill, giving an effective working cycle as well as reducing wear
  • Close pin profile, generating greater breakout force
  • More wear material added for extreme applications

  • Large range of GET
  • Build to customer specifications
  • Variable widths and cubic capacity
  •  Side Creusabro, Hardox, Arco plate wear package options
  • Added wear material, chocky blocks, heel blocks, etc.
  • Pin on or weld on Lip protectors
  • Variable width and cubic capacity

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