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Rockshaft Cattle Trailer Scale


This patented mobile livestock scale weighs up to 3,400 lbs in 1 lb increments (accuracy guaranteed to 0.1% of full scale capacity). This mobile cattle scale can go anywhere and set up in just minutes. It incorporates all of the functionality of the toughest squeeze chutes on the market with the best animal scale design.

  • A gooseneck hitch makes this mobile cattle scale easier to pull and maneuver. The gooseneck hitch can be made to swivel out of the path of the cattle as they exit or it can hold a sorting gate to divert cattle left or right as they exit.
  • Click for larger image of Rockshaft Cattle Scale Air-bag suspension allows the wheels to retract to set the scale directly on the ground for easier loading and working. And a heavy-duty industrial grade 12-volt air compressor makes inflating the suspension effortless. (Hand-pumped hydraulics are also available)
  • The squeeze chute has parallel sides that ratchet inward with swing away access panels to allow any vet work to be done safely while the animal is restrained. Individual panels and bars allow access to the neck, upper body, feet and legs from either side of the squeeze chute.
  • An over center latch makes the hanging scale easy to remove. Alone, the hanging scale unit can be used to weigh anything that can be suspended from its hook. Features include DC power, zero, net/gross, lb/kg conversion and Livestock Weighing software. A stainless steel NEMA4X enclosure protects the electronics from rough environments.
  • The patented one-loadcell scale design uses the same principle as our small animal rockshaft scales. A mechanical linkage (rockshaft) transfers the load to a single hanging scale in the “A” frame of the scale. The hand-held hanging scale unit is the entire electronic hanging scale system (pictured to the right). Benefits of this design include no long runs of unprotected load cell wires. In fact, there’s only one load cell to maintain and it’s attached directly to the indicator, which makes this scale more reliable yet easier to service than any other scale on the market.
  • A removable palpation cage is available as an option.
  • This scale is also available as a stationary livestock scale without wheels.

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