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Rodal System for Optimising Stand Management


RODAL is an information system that supports decision-making at the stand level. The system is suitable to both even-aged and uneven-aged management, as well as for pure and mixed stands. The system is currently functional in Catalonia, but with the development of new growth models its scope will be widened to cover the whole of Spain.

RODAL includes a simulator that uses individual tree growth and survival models. In addition, ingrowth models are applied in uneven-aged management. The simulator calculates the economic profitability of the simulated management schedule, in addition to predicting growth and yield. Another component of RODAL is an optimisation algorithm which automatically finds such a management schedule for the stand which maximises the user-defined objective function (e.g. land expectation value, wood production, net income).

The main use of RODAL is to produce silvicultural management instructions for different sites, stand types and management systems (even-aged vs. uneven-aged management).

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