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- Model 14 INCH - Swing Grain Auger



The 'Xtend' retracting swing grain auger from Rodono Industries makes unloading hopper bottom trailers fast and easy. With the swing auger retracted the operator can pull any hopper bottom trailer into place quickly and easily. The Xtend swing is extended into place and can reach several hoppers without moving the trailer. The 'Xtend' swing grain auger has 9' of stroke to reach the hoppers easily allowing the trailer to be 1' to 34' from the retracted hopper. 24' of working travel allows the flexibilty to operate the swing partially retracted to service tridem trailers and to reach hoppers regardless of parking expertise and yard configuration. Due to popular demand the 'Xtend' swing grain auger is available to fit most brands of auger in 13', 14' and 16'. There is an Xtend retracting swing auger to match your auger with capacities from 100 bushels/min through 360 bushels/minute!

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