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The 'Xtend' retracting swing grain auger from Rodono Industries makes unloading hopper bottom trailers fast and easy. With the swing auger retracted the operator can pull any hopper bottom trailer into place quickly and easily. The Xtend swing is extended into place and can reach several hoppers without moving the trailer. The 'Xtend' swing grain auger has 9' of stroke to reach the hoppers easily allowing the trailer to be 1' to 34' from the retracted hopper. 2 feet of working travel allows the flexibilty to operate the swing partially retracted to service tridem trailers and to reach hoppers regardless of parking expertise and yard configuration. In 2010 the Xtend was first designed to fit the Farm King 16x104. Many customers have enjoyed the Xtend 16 and Farm King 16 combination delivering 300 bushel/minute capacity.

In 2014 Westfield and Wheatheart released their new 16' Swing Away Grain Auger. (X and MKX) These augers have a published capacity of 380 Bushels/Minute. Rodono redesigned the Xtend 16 hopper to deliver the capacity required to match this auger, we also re-engineered any issues that had come up in the first 4 years of the Xtend 16 product. It was clear from many of our Farm King customers with 4 16x104 augers with Xtends that run from Sun Up to Sun Down for 2 months straight, that an good auger with nice features are not enough. They must be bullet-proof, so the complete drive system through the 2015 Xtend swing has many features to eliminate downtime.  

In 2015 the collector portion (funnel that sits on the main auger boot) was redesigned to incorporate the dust tight hose system used on the swings by other manufacturers. It also allowed the use of the nice driveline that Westfield uses to connect the upper and lower gearboxes.

In 2015 Brandt released a 16 HP which looks very similar to the Westfield. Same capacity and fortunately for Rodono the same swing we developed in 2014 fits very nicely on the 16HP.  This has also been a very popular choice for Xtend customers.

Compatible Grain Augers

Farm King
16x84 and 16x104 Backsaver Swing Augers

All 16HP Swing Grain Augers

X160 Series 16' Grain Augers

MKX 16' Grain Augers

14 Swing Away Grain Auger
(Xtend is geared down to match auger capacity)

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