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- Model Gearbox - Heavy Duty PTO Speed Reducer


The gearbox is a cast aiumnum case, the dimensions of which are 15 inches high, 10.5 inches deep, and 8.5 inches across  The gearbox measures 9.5 inches from the shaft to the top of the case   The distance from the tip of the splmed shaft to the collar for the 540 RPM shaft is 14 inches. These dmenstons will indicate how it will fit on your tractor or application. It is necessary to make drawbar adjustments to accommodate the reducer, or changes to the PTO shaft of the implement. The gearbox weighs 140 lbs so the weight must be supported. The attachment of the shafts is done by two 16 tooth sprocket and hubs and a double chain coupler. The gearbox has many applications - the most common of these being for grain augers. Stationary applications such as pumping manure lagoons is not recommended. The four gears that are used for the reduction actually give about 810 RPM to 540 RPM

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