- Model 1100 - Self Propelled Sprayers

The new AGCO Power engine goes the distance with more power and a proven drive system. It all starts with the new Tier 4i AGCO Power engine with exclusive e3 technology. This 8.4-liter engine is the perfect match for our tandem hydrostat cross-drive transmission. You get choices, too, from 280 to 339 hp (208–253 kW), and a pressure-compensated drive system. This type of drive system monitors drive pressure and automatically changes to a lower speed range, reducing drive system load while maintaining the engine RPMs you need for your field conditions. Maintains desired engine RPMs and optimal power Increases fuel economy by reducing drive pressure and engine demand Provides increased acceleration back to desired spray speed


Our final drive system gives you the reliability and powerful performance characteristics you need for the intense, around-the-clock work you do.

Key features include:

  • Reduced engine RPMs in road speed ranges
  • Seven speed ranges
  • 50/50 power distribution in the first range

This drive system consists of two primary components: a hydraulic motor and a gear reduction hub with the same parts used on all four corners. The beauty of this simple system is that it delivers more power to the ground, more efficiently.

The multiple speed ranges let you better match speed to field conditions. You get quicker acceleration and better power management, which means a more consistent spraying speed. During transport, the engine runs at lower speeds (1900 rpm vs. 2100 rpm), so you’ll be saving fuel without sacrificing road speed. Three braking systems work together to bring you to a safe and secure stop.


A bolted “C” channel flex-frame design keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground, even in the toughest field conditions. Heavy-duty cross members provide additional stability so you get a smoother ride and there’s less stress on the equipment. This system is so stable that one wheel can lift as high as 48 inches while the other wheels still maintain contact with the ground.

An air suspension with an anti-roll system on the front and rear axles smooths out your ride while keeping the booms at a consistent height. The front axle uses longitudinal “A” torque arms to prevent motion transfer to the chassis so it’s easier to hold row lines. This design also makes turning easier and prevents berming and crop damage.

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