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Model M - Roll Bales Trailer



This machine was studied and realized to give an innovative solution to the handling and trasport of wet or dry bales. The rotating fork allows to collect the bales just in the same position they are left by the rotary press. Loading time: 8/10 minutes.


Hydraulic movement, independent system. Control gears with flexible cables or with electrovalve-operated buttons. The special patended device allows the vertical positioning of two superimposed bales. The chain of the platform moves the bales until the full loading and also for the unloading. All the mechanisms are hydraulically operated directly from the driving place of the tractor.

All the hydraulic movement can be operated with flexible cables or with 'Botticelli' system with electrovalve-operated buttons or with the innovative system 'Galileo MMI 100', automatic managemet and control of movements on the bale, which can completely automatic the stages of harvesting, loading, transporting and unloading bales.

Constructive Features : Hydraulic fork - rear side with mechanical opening - control gears with flexible cables - one axle for type M8 - two axles for all other models - electrical equipment - mechanical steering support - gears shaft - load capacity 8/10/12 ruond bales diam. 1500 mm

Optionals : steering support hydraulic - electro-vavle operated buttons + rear photocell 'Botticelli' - electro-valve operated buttons to operate all the operations of load and unload in automatic 'Galileo MM100' hydrualic rear side - increase for bigger tyres - steering axle - etc....

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