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The TerraTech range of Cambridge Rollers are designed and built in Britain for British Farmers. Cambridge rings produce a packed seedbed in the top 2” with a mixture of small clods and fine tilth and are ideal when used to roll in crops. The larger diameter 24” (610mm) rings provide extra weight for superior packing and increased circumference reduces the risk of bulldozing on light, blow away soil. The combination of Cambridge and Breaker rings produces a firmer packed seedbed due to their more aggressive action and increased machine weight. The floating Breaker rings also provide improved clod crushing and better cleaning in sticky conditions, as well as reducing the risk of capping by leaving a more broken finish.

  • 6.3m – 12.3m folding models
  • 22” (559mm) & 24” (610mm) 4 spoke cast rings for weight and strength
  • Optional floating Breaker rings
  • Available in Cambridge or Cambridge and Breakers
  • High Tensile 60mm Axles with heavy duty greasable bearings
  • Low folded height for improved transport stability and rear visibility
  • Heavy duty frame with 50mm heavy duty greasable wing pivots
  • Wings supported on cradles for transport reducing fatigue on axles and bearings
  • Floating wings to follow ground contours 10 Ply rated tyres
  • Transport width max 2.5m

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