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Roll-Over Curtain System



When a high sidewall curtain is the answer, then the Roll-Over curtain system is the solution. As the curtain is lowered from the top, the curtain is kept taught by wrapping the excess curtain around the permanently mounted bottom rolling tube. This system reduces the dirt and moisture build up associated with a drop down curtain, wind noise is decreased and the haven for rodents is eliminated. The curtain rolls with an easy smooth motion and your barn sidewall will have a nice neat appearance.

  • As the fabric drops down from the top, it rolls on the bottom keder at the same time. The material starts to open from top down during cooler weather to minimize drafts on your livestock.
  • Tightly rolled material limits rodents nesting when fully open.
  • Roll-over systems keep fabric taught, thus less wind whip and prolonging life of material.
  • Height up to 9' (3m) and lengths up to 180' (60m).

  • For curtain heights over 9' (3m) a bottom curtain is required (split system).
  • As bottom pipe rotates, it rolls curtain to middle of opening.

  • Summertime storage allows fully open side walls for maximum ventilation in your barn.
  • Bottom curtain is operated with an easy up gearbox.

  • Single drive unit operates both cable drop system and keder pipe rotation.
  • Can be operated manual or fully automatic with thermostat for comfort in your barn.

  • Spring and fall maintenance involves connection and disconnection of drive shaft.
  • Frost buildup on inside of material can alter the function of the limit switches.

  • 2-1/2' steel bearing pulleys.

  • Water tight motor compartment.

  • Can be mounted onto steel or wooden frame structures.

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