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Roll-Up Curtains



The Roll-Up curtain, is in many ways the ultimate curtain system since it allows many options in climate control and protects the fabric from the elements. The sidewall opening can be up to 16ft which can split into two sections with each opening having a curtain fastened along the top. Each curtain has a bottom sleeve and in the sleeve is a 1” tube or a Keder tube which wraps the fabric around it as it travels up to the centre or top of the building. The curtain can be automatically controlled by a thermostat and wind sensors or manually controlled. Another option is to have the top automatic and the bottom manual. There are wall opening situations where there can be 3 or more Roll-Up curtains made to close up the wall.

As bottom pipe turns the curtain raise’s, from bottom to top.

  • Nice, clean appearance for your barn.
  • Various material options are available for your barn.
  • Very cost effective
  • Curtains rolled up under the sill or eve to prevent degradation from ultra violet light, dirt, moisture and rodents.
  • Manual and automatic options are available.
  • Wind pipe or wind rope supports every 4′ o/c.
  • Easy up gearbox for manual use.
  • Plastic clamps hold curtain to pipe for consistent rolling.
  • Stainless steel clamps for winter storage.

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