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Rolland trailers have been selling in the UK for over 30 years, they are a French company based in Brittany which was started by Joseph Rolland in 1946. Based in Pencran up until 2005 where Rolland moved to Treflevenez a few miles away into a state of the art factory.

The new factory has 60,000m3 of buildings where they manufacture 1800 machines a year. The paint process is straight from the automobile industry where everything is shotblasted, degreased, phosphated, electroplated , oven cured , powder coated and then oven cured again, boasting an unrivalled process in our industry.
Rolland sell the following ranges :
Rolltwin compact manure spreaders 7,8,9,10t models
Rollforce manure spreader range 11,12,14,15,16,18,20t models
Rollmax compost spreader range 18,20,22,24t models (spinning decks available on most models for a 24m spread)
Rollspeed trailer range covering grain roots and silage 7t – 24t
Rollalu trailer range a completely aluminium trailer 20t-32t capacity
Livestock trailers – hydraulic lowering 15ft – 28ft
Hook lift trailers 12t-22t
Flatbed trailers 18ft – 40ft with dolly option.
Heavy dump trailers 12t – 24t Rollroc range
Forage boxes 10m3 – 14m3

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