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DeMuth Roller Mills are designed and manufactured from the inside out to provide years of reliable, consistent operation. The rolls are CNC machine cut from alloy steel, then hardened by heat treating to 53-60 Rockwell C. This process ensures an accurate and consistent depth of teeth, along with extremely precise pitch spacing. Rolls are balanced to reduce vibration and to prevent premature wear of bearings and roller shaft components.

Chrome silicone alloy steel springs keep the rolls at the same compression throughout the adjustment range, providing for uniform roll pressure regardless of roll clearance. Springloaded rolls help reduce damage to the rolls when foreign materials pass through.

All together, the carefully chosen materials and meticulous manufacturing processes ensure rolls with harder teeth and greater wear resistance.... better value for your machine dollar.

Designed for ease of use, adjustment, and maintenance, the DeMuth Roller Mills feature a single, “no tools” adjustment point to vary the degree of grain reduction. A simple snap pin maintains the proper adjustment.

Power requirements are reduced because nonsynchronous roll speeds shred or grind the grain instead of compressing it. The heavy duty chain drive, self-aligning bearings (sealed for life), and large-diameter fatigue-proof shafts--all critical components--contribute to the durability and quality of the DeMuth Roller Mills.

  • Alloy steel, CNC-machined Rolls with Hardened Teeth for unsurpassed wear resistance and outstanding reliability.
  • Four different capacities and four different roll cuts provide maximum flexibility.
  • Operator-friendly ... single point adjustment to vary degree of grain reduction, plus quick and easy roll changes.

The basic roller mill includes a manual flow gate for grain flow control. Four different roll cuts are available. For corn, 4 and 6-1/2 cut (grooves per inch) rolls are most often used. For Milo, 10 cut rolls are recommended; 8 cut rolls are also available.

The optional Magnet Trap helps protect rolls and livestock by trapping many iron and steel objects that might otherwise pass through.

The optional Tilting Discharge Auger collects the rolled grain and elevates it into an overhead conveyor, mixer, or into an adjacent feed cart. Available in 4 and 8 foot vertical auger lengths with 2-1/2 or 4-1/2 foot horizontal lengths.

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