Rolling Thunder


In a growing consumer market, organic foods are becoming more readily available. Organic production implies growing in a pure and chemical-free environment. However, organically grown also includes those products that are “fresh” and/or “locally grown.” Today, organic foods may be found in grocery stores, health food stores, farm stands or CSA’s. Recognition of the benefits of eating organically is gaining momentum through the choices made by consumers looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Organic growing requires planning and diligence. Before the first crop is ever planted, much thought must be put into the types of crops to be grown, soil preparation and the greenhouse environment. The greenhouse is best utilized to protect the plants from exterior weather conditions to grow crops in a resourceful way, which is important for low operating costs and high yields.

At Rimol Greenhouse Systems, we work with customers to develop a comprehensive greenhouse plan to address your specific needs. One of the most recent innovations from Rimol Greenhouse Systems is the development of a moveable greenhouse – “Rolling Thunder™.” Rolling Thunder™’s design utilizes a heavy-duty wheel with bearings at each set of hoops attached to a specially designed ground post. The wheel/ground post combination is seated on a rail which allows the greenhouse to move along the desired growing areas. Rolling Thunder™’s design allows for the easy movement of a larger greenhouse with an ordinary tractor, and a smaller greenhouse by just two individuals.

The Rolling Thunder™ is constructed fairly simply with the rail laid out flat according to the desired width of the greenhouse. The rail does not have to be pinned or staked, but should be set on solid base of stone dust to prevent sinking into the soil. The first few hoops are the trickiest, and usually require several sets of hands due to the fact that the wheels, ground posts and hoops are all erected simultaneously. However, once a few hoops are completed, the rest of the greenhouse goes up quickly. There is significant bracing in the greenhouse to prevent any movement from the wind, and temporary bracing is used on the end walls of the greenhouse for stability purposes.

The Rimol design allows for flexibility, with various height and width options available. Rimol Greenhouses offers options for all greenhouses including roof vents, roll up sides, doors and heating. A moveable greenhouse from RGS offers the organic grower flexibility for seasonal growing, resulting in resourceful production. The Rolling ThunderTM is an easy way for the organic grower to produce a variety of crops from season to season utilizing the strengths of both crop rotation and crop protection.

  • All high tunnels are designed for heavy snow and wind loads with extra support for crops
  • All greenhouses are pre-drilled, pre-cut, include all hardware and assemble very easily
  • Includes complete instructions
  • Many different options available for cooling, doors and end wall design
  • Crop support systems available
  • Quick turnaround on shipping

  • Metal End Wall Framing Option
    The metal end wall kits include enough 1 ½” steel and hardware to frame out both end walls so that you do not have to use lumber on your end walls.
  • Door Option
    The door option includes two 3' x 7' sliding doors. This allows you to have a door at both ends, and easily remove the doors when you need to move Rolling Thunder™. The price for a pair of doors is $976.
  • Polycarbonate End Wall Option
    The polycarbonate end wall option includes triple wall polycarbonate and all of the hardware necessary for both end walls. This helps for insulation in the cooler months and reduces maintenance costs over the long run.
  • Double Poly Option
    The double poly option includes a second layer of poly for the roof plus an inflation kit.
  • Gear Box Option
    The gear box option includes a gear box kit for each roll up side wall kit. This makes it much easier and safer to use on the roll up sides, especially on the high tunnels longer than 48 feet.

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