RollMax Sod Harvester



24' floating cutter head for maximum turf quality and efficiency, All functions controlled from the tractor seat, Automatic rolling, Automatic cut-off length adjustable up to 125', Bottom net wrap optional for weak and tender turf conditions, Top outer roll net wrap attachment (optional), Empty tube dispenser, Auto slab kit (optional), Ground speed hydraulics to prevent tearing of turf, Turf rolls are ejected to the harvested side out of the way of the next pass, Hydraulic depth control standard, Four 24' wide rolls easily fit across the width of a truck bed.

  • kit for rolled sod (standard on slabbing machines)
  • 1576 Slabber kit
  • 1576 Canopy and lights
  • Hydraulic rotary brush
  • 24' Bristle brush
  • 24' Rubber fingers
  • Top netting attachment
  • Bottom netting attachment
  • 24' Coulter kit
  • Tube Pack, Sode Core (60 PCS)

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