- Loading and SeparatingTrailer


Trailer loading and separating a bale of hay, straw and haylage. It can be used on packages in the square and round form. ROMET using hydraulically operated tilting rear cap for pick up package on the platform of the conveyor. Drag elements of the longitudinal conveyor transports the package to the separating cylinder or cylinders (2). These cylinders, specially adapted for cutting the perfect  package of materials, dispens material into throwing system which transports the material to a final point by setting position of the axhaust stack in both planes, the horizontal (220°) and verticaly, which can regulate the leakage distance. Can be interpreted in the right and left sides. Longitudinal conveyor speed can be controlled and can be chosen so the speed achieved by the regular dosage. ROMET Pas has transverse conveyor instead blower, pasturege or bedding is dosed by this conveyor about 1 m from the trailer to the right or left side.

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