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- Model 3S - Nursery Feeder



Mannebeck’s RONDOMAT 3S Nursery Feeder is a stand-alone automatic sensor feeder for wet/dry feed. This MANNEBECK® piglet feeding system can help producers:

  • Optimize piglet daily growth.
  • Reduce weaning stress and feed costs.

Product Features and Advantages

  • Assists in preventing digestive problems by providing a feed mix that helps piglets smoothly transition from a milk-based diet to grain-based feed.
  • Producers can select 16 different feed moisture levels between semi-dry and liquid.
  • Automatically dispenses the producer-selected feed consistency to the feeder’s trough.
  • Managers can easily adjust the feeder to one of 16 settings to provide small amounts of feed over short periods of time to help optimize the piglets’ feed consumption.
  • Feed losses are minimized since the feed trough must be completely empty before more fresh feed flows into the trough.
  • The amount of feed dispensed by the feeder adjusts automatically to the pigs’ needs and helps keep them healthy.
  • Weaned pigs get immediate access to clean, fresh feed without needing to learn how to operate an agitator.
  • Flexible, easy installation and operation of this feeder.

How the RONDOMAT™ 3S Nursery Feeder Works

  • Feed is dispensed at regular intervals into the round trough based on the sensor signal.
  • The amount of water dispensed is adjusted to the amount of feed and feeding time.
  • The feeder’s computer monitors and adjusts the feed’s consistency.
  • Ten sensor points are embedded into the feed trough’s surface to assure that the trough is totally empty before more fresh feed is delivered.
  • Every time all sensor points report 'no contact' to the feeder’s computer, the predetermined amount of feed is released by the feeder.
  • The sensors are checked by the computer in one-second intervals.  


  • Power requirements: either 110-volt or 230-volt power, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
  • Connection to a water supply is required.
  • Feed trough diameter: 3 feet (910 mm).
  • Recommended group size: 60 to 70 animals per feeder.
  • Feed pigs from 10 to 100 pounds (4.5 to 45 kg)

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