Outside Industrial and Farm Silos


Roofs for silos from 7,13m diameter are offered with galvanized steel support frame, designed to support the additional loads imposed by conveyors and temperature cables. Standard coating Aluzinc AZ 185 (superior to galvanized steel and guaranteed up to 20 years). Coloured polyester coating available on request. Standard aeration at periphery and at peak. Additional roof vents may be added depending on aeration requirements.

Shallow form corrugated sheets (120 X 11 mm profile) minimize the build-up of residual grain on the silo wall during unloading. Steel grade S350GD + Z to EN 10326. Galvanizing : Z 450 including both sides.
Stiffeners: The quantity and dimensions of the external stiffeners will depend on the required resistance to the vertical loads of grain. Stiffeners are manufactured from Sendzimir steel or are hot-dip galvanized, depending on the gauge of the steel. Fixings: Steel grade 8.8 Z 20, with integrated seal washers.

Open galvanized catwalks for conveyors up to 300 t/h are offered as standard.
Walkways with gratings – 19 mm open area.

Safety aluminium ladders with galvanized safety hoops, rest platforms with safety handrails, complying with EN ISO 14122.
Eaves platform for access to the roof inspection hatch.

Access door
Consisting of internal reinforced door to support grain loads and weatherproof external door.

Design Criteria

Our calculations meet the newest standard EUROCODE and are recognized by international inspection offices. The EUROCODE replaces the former national standards (French NFP, German DIN etc.) which are no longer valid. Where EUROCODE is specified, a separate calculation for each project based on the common texts and the national annexes is compulsory and is calculated according to the nature of the stored products, the earthquake (seismic) (EN 1998-4 + NA), wind (EN 1991-1-4 + NA) and snow (EN 1991-1-3 + NA ) conditions applicable to the specific area.

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