Rooted Cuttings, Seedlings and Containerized Plants


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Rooted Cuttings, Seedlings and Containerized Plants

Rooted cuttings, seedlings and containerized plants are used to establish shrubs and trees on restoration projects. These materials should be planted 2’-8’ apart and their roots must be covered with soil at least as deep as when grown in a nursery. 

Planting Instructions

The hole for properly planting potted material should be at least 2-3 times the diameter of the pot and its depth should leave the root collar at least 1/4”-1/2” below the level of the surrounding soil. Watering after planting is essential for survival.

Bare-root stock should be planted in a slit or trench that is both deep and wide enough to accommodate the root mass, or at least as deep as when grown in a nursery.

Conventional Planting Using Specialized Mixes

Over-seeding and mulching a completed bioengineered project with the appropriate seed mixes protects the soil’s surface from erosion while adding biodiversity to the site. The following mixes are excellent for this purpose: ERNMX-122 FACW Wetland Meadow Mix; ERNMX-123 Native Upland Wildlife Forage & Cover Meadow Mix; and, ERNMX-138 Wildlife Food & Shelter Mix.

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