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- Model PLUS+ - Root Disease Control


The next generation of RootShield® containing two active ingredients (Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22, andTrichoderma virens strain G-41), provides 3 months of preventative control of major root diseases including soilborne Phytophthora.  RootShield PLUS also controls diseases caused by Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium, Thielaviopsis, and Cylindrocladium – with improved suppression of the aggressive hot-season Pythium (P. aphanidermatum).

Use on greenhouse and nursery ornamentals, vegetables, herbs, and fruits. RootShield PLUS inhibits and actively attacks pathogens, ensuring uninterrupted plant growth.

Available in Granules and Wettable Powder formulations. One application protects roots for up to 12 weeks and costs less than 2¢ per 6-inch pot. Lower your costs by eliminating or reducing the need for chemical root fungicides, and reducing material and labor costs of repetitive drenching.

Available in the following sizes
 - 1lb and 3lb bags, and 30lb boxes (Green Scooppackaged with product = 1.5 ounces of product.
Granules - 10lb boxes, 40lb bags, 500lb and 1,000lb bulk bags

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