- Panther 2 Axle Harvester



After 18 years of 3 axle Tiger production. ROPA has launched its new much asked for 2-axle beet harvester: ROPA Panther. The new model features the latest developments of ROPA's sugar beet topper/harvester resulting in a better yield and daily performance, advanced controls and innovative self-levelling system.

Ideal for UK contractors, the new Panther is designed for unloading into trailers whilst on the move. The unique self-levelling frame
ensures both a smooth ride and an amazing stable platform for beet lifting / flow through the machine into trailers.

4 hydraulic cylinders provide automated slope adjustment keeping euro-Panther level on slopes while the lifting unit guides itself by following the land contours.

Panther incorporates the superb lifting unit from the larger euro Tiger, the world's bestselling tanker harvester. Lifting units are available with fixed row widths, harvesting 6, 8 or 9 rows. A 6-row variable unit is also available with 45 cm and 50 cm widths.

It has a 28 m3 tank with ultrasound sensors on both front and back to ensure even distribution monitored on a coloured terminal inside the newly designed cabin which also features ROPAs latest touch screen technology.

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