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This unique Float Rope combines high breaking strength and low stretch with high flexibility.


Nylex ropes are impregnated with Duracoat to improve abrasion resistance and endurance.


Spark free, easy handling and long lasting mooring lines for Liquid Natural Gas tankers. DynIce Mooring ropes are non-conductive and will not discharge static electricity creating sparks. The DynIce Mooring ropes are compact, round and suitable to use on deck mooring rope winches. The lifetime is long as the ropes do not corrode and are not affected by sunshine and UV rays. Handling is very easy due to the low weight of the rope.


If soft rope is needed to fold down in a container a DynIce rope without cover braid is suitable but for winches cover braided rope similar to the LNG mooring rope is recommended. The cover will protect the rope from abrasion and cutting to ensure a long working lifetime. Handling is easy due to the low weight and mooring takes less time than with other synthetic ropes or wire ropes.

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