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Rosalina Don Basco

Kalanchoes originate from East Africa, Madagascar and Southeast Asia. The Kalanchoe descends from the Crassulaceae family of plants and is therefore a succulent. The latest variety is Rosalina™. Rosalina™ is the name of an exclusive series of double-flowered Kalanchoë varieties. The shape of the plant and its dense umbel full of little double flowers provide this type of Kalanchoe with a luxurious and romantic look that you will able to enjoy for an extra long period. Kalanchoë Rosalina™ is a resistant plant that is almost immune to diseases. You can use Rosalina™ both indoors as well as in the garden. The plant is available in many modern colours: red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, white and even bi-coloured, which means that you can always find a colour that suits your style exactly.

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