Rose Cultivation


Growing roses calls for a substrate that retains its properties over a long period of time. Homogeneity and firmness are especially important. Cultilène’s rose-growing substrate can retain its homogeneity and firmness for years. The differences between the slabs are minimal – both with respect to firmness, moisture content and dimensions. The durability of these slabs, moreover, places them in a class of their own. The rose slabs are reliable, predictable and durable.


  • Floramaxx is a further development of the wellknown X-fibre Rose slab based on the unique X-fiber technology.
  • The fibre structure of FloramaXX rose slabs is such that the plant can root in them as easily as in the ground. 
  • The natural structure (X-Fibre) has the following characteristics:
    • no primary fibre direction for fast rooting in and perfect root distribution; 
    • unique water/air ratio;
    • extremely quick and accurate controllability of moisture and EC content; 
    • faster and more efficient drainage;
    • easily re-saturable;
    • unsurpassed homogeneity;
    • structure remains intact during the entire cultivation period.

Exact Flora Rose

  • A standard stone wool slab for roses: extra durable, homogeneous and firm. The result is a loyal partner that will perform consistently for years. This is a slab that will easily tolerate intensive rose cultivation, as it is specifically made for that purpose.

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