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Rose Plants (Golap)

Rose plant is a gardening plant and also an ornamental flower. It is a delicate and sophisticated flower. In Bengali it is called “Golap”. The scientific name of rose flower is “Rosa Berberifolia” or “Rosa Damascena”. A type of oil is making from this flower. There are varieties of rose plants like red rose, yellow rose, pink rose, white rose, black rose and green rose etc. This is a common plant of India and rose flower is used for variable functions or occasions. This plant is growing in normal temperature and weather. Rose plant tolerates a deep sunlight means six to eight hours constantly in a day but heavy rainfall is harmful for growing rose plant. Rose plant should need water so little like one or two times in a week and it needs quite amount of fertilizer for growing. If you want to decorate your garden, home or resort and you need a lot of rose plants with varieties. We can supply you a lot of rose plants with variety of their species with a great packaging.

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