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The RoseMatic processes roses quickly and efficiently. The machine has now been extended with new functionalities to conform better to the requirements of customers beyond Europe. Better bunching results and more uniform bunches are achieved using this machine thanks to the three separate cameras which assess each stem individually for accurate grading.

Unique benefits

  • High-speed rose processing
  • Individual scanning per rose for optimum quality
  • Fast switching between different types of roses

New features

For more than twenty years, the RoseMatic has proved to be a reliable machine for handling and grading roses with the utmost precision. New features now mean that the machine goes beyond the mere measuring and grading of roses. The system can be expanded with functions for the cutting, de-leafing and de-thorning of stems, a UV light module to combat botrytis and chutes to collect the graded roses for subsequent manual bundling, depending on your requirements.

Faster processing cycles

The RoseMatic processes roses quickly and in a uniform manner; this eliminates the need for much manual work and results in significant labour saving. The RoseMatic can grade meticulously according to different criteria, so you can always rely on uniform bunches. And if you need to adjust the process as you go along, this can be done at the press of a button; the RoseMatic will save the grading criteria per type of rose so that you can always switch quickly.

Grading per rose

The RoseMatic grades every rose for:

  • Stem length
  • Stem thickness
  • Bud height
  • Bud diameter
  • Bud colour

  • Capacity of up to 9,000 stems per hour

  • Suitable for all roses

  • Cutting, de-leafing and de-thorning per stem

  • Easy switch button for fast switching between varieties

  • Sliders collect roses per grading

  • UV light is optional to combat pathogens such as botrytis

  • Processing up to 30 different gradings at the same time

  • A wide range of options for custom-made solutions

  • Can easily be expanded with a SealMatic

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