- Barrel Dump-Out Machine



Range of application ROSOMA machines and systems represent the current and future state-of-the-art technology in fish processing. They comply with the rules and regulations in force and the high hygiene standards of the food industry. We have preferably for emptying herring barrels in connection with marinade production, designed, successfully tested and used in production the F 200 barrel dumpout machine.


Range of application
The barrel dump-out machine is designed for use in the fish marinade production to make work easier when emptying herring barrels (200 l standard plastic barrels) and subsequently carrying out product care. Other barrel sizes may be considered by adequate modification of the barrel dump-out machine. The barrel dump-out machine rests on firm legs in a selected place, but may easily be moved to another place, for example by means of a pallet truck or fork lift truck.

Construction of the machine
The machine is a welded construction with electric drive. The tilting shaft is maintenance-free and mounted on roller bearings. As material, exclusively semi-finished high-grade steel products were used.

Functional Description
The filled 200 kg heavy barrel is put onto the pick-up plate of the F 200 barrel dump-out machine by means of a hand truck and fastened with the barrel clamp.

By pushing the button the tilting arm starts to move slowly, emptying starting permanently after a tilting angle of about 45 degrees. The products poured out increasingly slide onto the adjacent draining grid. Here the brine drains off and the solid matters (herrings) slide via the discharge chute into receptacles provided. For a measured out discharge the tilting process may be interrupted at will until reaching the final position at 130 degrees. When the barrel has reached the final position of about 130 degrees it can be washed out and moved down again. The whole process lasts a few minutes and is repeated with new barrels as required.

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